In order to find inspiration for photography, thinking of starting a few side subprojects. “52 Rolls Project” is one of them where the goal is to shoot a roll a week of the course of the year and see what I get from this.

This idea came about after a recent acquisition of a Paterson development kit and a Plustek 8200i 35mm scanner. This means I can shoot, develop, scan and post on my own. This helps immensely with the costs as in addition to the cost of the film itself, it costs approximately USD10-USD15 to develop and scan to low-quality jpegs for black and white negatives where I live. For colour negatives, I’ll still take it to a lab to develop and scan myself as its only USD3 vs. the number of chemicals and intricacies of colour development.

The below photo is the first test development on Tri-X 400 using HC-110 and scanned with the Plustek shot using a Canonet QL17.

Let’s see where this little project takes me.

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